Designing Edibles Spaces Leeds

Saturday, 24 March, 2018 - 10:00 to Sunday, 25 March, 2018 - 17:00
Leeds University Union (LUU Room 2), LS2 9 Leeds

Would you like to be:

* Growing your own food but feel you don’t have space or the time?

* Eating more organic food but think it’s too expensive?


This course will give you the design skills and knowledge to transform your garden or urban space into an abundant, edible garden, that is full of food, friendly to wildlife, looks good, and needs little maintenance.


Topics/Solutions Covered 

* Edible Gardens, Forest Gardens & Edible Landscapes

* Edible Mushroom Growing

* Edible Hedges

* Fruit trees/bushes – varieties

* Home Orchards & Community Orchards

* Vegetable Gardens, Container Gardens, Covered Growing

* Vertical growing


Water Systems

* Ponds & Greywater

* Self-watering containers/sub-irrigated planters

* Rainwater & Irrigation


Animal Systems

* Backyard Chickens & Ducks

* Freerange and Rotational Systems

* Beneficial Insect Plantings


Soils & Fertility

* No-dig

* Composting Systems & Wormeries

* Natural Fertilising & Feeding

* Mulching & Weed Management

* Biochar

* Ecological Lawncare


Concepts Covered 

* Designing

* Creating & augmenting micro climates

* Permaculture principles

* Vertical growing

* Mapping & surveying

* The Soil Food Web

* Composting

* Mulching

* Pruning


What you take away

* Printed, full colour, 36-page A4 course handbook

* Digital A4 colour handouts on: soils, mushrooms, backyard chickens etc

* Digital presentations

* Digital resources and links


Who is this course for?

* Homeowners

* Allotment holders

* Gardeners

* Community Groups

* Building Managers

* Landscape & Maintenance Gardeners

* School teachers

* Schools workers


Directions to the room: 

Go up the Parkinson steps, enter Parkinson Court, take the stairs at the far right end of Parkinson Court down to the basement, left at the bottom of the stairs, follow the corridor round to the right, room B.09 is on the left.

Campus map:



£60   – student

£70   – earning <£13K/yr

£90   – earning £13-16K

£120 – earning £16-19K

£155 – small not-for-profit/earning £19-23K

£200 – organisation/earning £23K+



To attend, book here


What to bring:

* A packed lunch/food to share

* Suitable outdoor clothes & shoes

* Raincoat/umbrella

* Notebook, camera etc






Niels Corfield is a designer, educator and consultant, working to create sustainable/regenerative landscapes and farms in the UK and Europe. Since 2007 he has been teaching certified Permaculture Design Courses, as well as a range of specialist training and education, from design through to practical skills. He has created a suite of professional education resources to carry-out multi-stakeholder/participatory design workshops (Designing for Real).


He is the director of Edible Cities, a successful urban design consultancy, education and nursery business. Creating productive and ecological low maintenance edible landscapes since 2008. He counts amonst his clients: the Ecology Building Society and various councils and is currently working on a 500 home development in inner city Leeds.