Planet Data

Friday, 29 November, 2019 - 10:00 to 16:00
ODI, Munro House, Duke Street, Leeds LS9 8AG


#PlanetData will be an event where people come together, discover common goals and similar projects, and join forces to make things happen and make a massive difference. Share.Do.Amplify. We've seen first-hand the benefits of working in the open and its power - we are #RadicallyOpen by our very nature - and we can help others to work in the open, share data and projects, and let people reach in and help and make a real difference.

This event is possible because of the support from our sponsors. We want to get you involved at the earliest stages so that you can benefit from working with other innovative folk and responding to the climate crisis as quickly as possible. Join us on 29 November to share what you're already working on and connect with others who could help you accelerate and amplify your efforts. We will also host a 'data publishing surgery' offering practical advice and examples to other organisations who want to start sharing their work, their thinking, and their data. If you want to get involved - by giving a short talk or helping with the data surgery for instance - please get in touch with Amy Evans (

#PlanetData is part of ODI's new strategy, scaling up as an organisation to make more of a plan for the direction of  its work and how ODI engages with the wider world. ODI will be delivering more events and opportunities for people to get involved in its work. #OpenGovTech, launched in September, was the first such event, and #PlanetData is the next.