Leeds Climate Commission has an overarching Strategy Group, and three working groups on Low Carbon, Engagement and Communications and Climate Resilience.  Strategy Group documents can be found in the downloads below; documents relating to the other working groups can be found on their respective pages. 


The Strategy Group comprises a Chair (initially from the University of Leeds), Vice-Chair (from Leeds City Council) and representatives from key organisations or sectors, including at least one person from each Working Group.


The Strategy group will meet 4 times per year:

• To oversee the programme of deliverables;

• To take an overview of initiatives, projects and activities to ensure co-ordination, reduce duplication and foster synergy between projects;

• To act as a problem-solving forum;

• To agree, communicate and publish advice on meeting carbon reduction targets;

• To agree, communicate and publish advice on risk / opportunity assessment of climate change (from year 2).


The three Working Groups report to the quarterly meetings of the Strategy Group. 


For more  information about the Commission's scope, governance and deliverables, see our Terms of Reference (About Leeds Climate Commission).


Meetings Notes and Agendas - see Notes and Agendas