PCAN Fund reopens for place-based climate action projects and new Fellowships

Round 2 of the popular PCAN Fund is now open for place-based propject proposals that develop ideas and approaches with wider relevance to the delivery of local climate action plans. The Fund is designed to support projects that promote and increase understanding of place-based climate action in the UK. It takes the form of small grants worth £5,000 – £35,000 each, from a total funding pot of  £125,000 (for this round). Four to six awards are likely to be made.

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Leeds City Council plans to more than halve carbon emissions by 2025

Senior councillors have approved plans to cut the council’s carbon footprint by more than half following the local authority’s climate emergency declaration in March. 

The new proposals mean that Leeds City Council will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions from 70,000 to 31,000 tonnes by 2025, in line with science-based carbon reduction targets.

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Aviation emissions from Leeds pose “major challenge” for decarbonisation of city

Leeds Climate Commission has produced a position paper examining the impact of aviation on Leeds’ current and future carbon emissions to help guide the city’s response to the climate emergency.

The evidence-based paper, published today, sets the growing emissions from flights taken by Leeds residents, and those from Leeds Bradford Airport, in the context of a carbon roadmap for Leeds and the city’s adoption of a 2030 “net zero” carbon target.

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