Majority of Leeds residents prioritise clean air by tackling emissions from cars

A YouGov poll of residents in Leeds reveals overwhelming support for measures to protect health by tackling air pollution emissions from cars. Nearly four in five (79%) are in favour of measures to reduce car emissions and use with just 11% rejecting action. A similarly high level of support is observed between men and women, and among different age and income groups. The survey, with supporting analysis by transport think-tank Transport & Environment, finds that reallocating road space (as one of the measure to control air pollution) to create more room for pedestrians is supported by 73% of respondents (just 10% opposed).

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Youth Climate Leadership Programme announced

Open Source Arts  with support from  SAIL are delivering a pioneering leadership training for young adults aged 16-18  who wish to grow their capacity to become inspiring leaders in climate action. 

The programme will teach skills in leadership through emergence, relationship building, conversation practice, facilitation, deep listening and emotional empathy across difference. 

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25-year green initiative to create woodlands across Leeds launched

A large-scale new tree planting initiative, which forms part of Leeds’ ambitious programme to make the city carbon neutral by 2030, has been launched today with the first potential sites identified. The first saplings will be planted this winter, with the woodland creation programme set to see 5.8 million trees planted across the city in the next 25 years. To demonstrate the type of woodlands that will be planted in the future, one planted two years ago on King Alfred’s Field was visited earlier today by Councillor Lisa Mulherin and Councillor Mohammed Rafique.

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Residents want local authorities to act on climate change and to be part of the solution, new research shows


Research released today funded by PCAN (the Place-Based Climate Action Network) and carried out in partnership with Abundance Investment finds that residents want local authorities to act on climate change and are attracted by the prospect of being part of a collective solution.

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Leeds City Council plans to more than halve carbon emissions by 2025

Senior councillors have approved plans to cut the council’s carbon footprint by more than half following the local authority’s climate emergency declaration in March. 

The new proposals mean that Leeds City Council will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions from 70,000 to 31,000 tonnes by 2025, in line with science-based carbon reduction targets.

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