In Leeds and across the UK, many organisations from a range of sectors have taken action to reduce their emissions and transition to the low-carbon economy. In this section you can find a selection of case studies which show the some of the opportunities available and how they have been delivered.

Case Studies

Energy Efficient Lighting
E. Hulme and Son Ltd

Fabric Improvement / Energy Efficient Lighting
ABA Stonalva

Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling  
Elephant Print and Display

Renewables / Energy Efficient Lighting
J Marr Group

Anglican Diocese of Leeds

Yorkshire Water

Energy Saving Equipment / Energy   Efficient Lighting
Goldenacre Mini Market

Vehicles and Transport
Asda (p.10), Commonwheels (p.12), Indesit (p.14), Stagecoach (p.16) and Groundwork (p.18)

Vehicles and Transport
Leeds City Council

Energy Efficient Equipment
The University of Leeds


Business case examples


Rochdale MBCEden District Council (internal projects)

LED Lighting

Bournemouth Borough Council,  Stockport MBC  (internal projects)

Energy Efficient Cooling and Heating

E.N. Hertfordshire NHS (internal project) 


Many of our members are also making their own low-carbon transitions. You can find a selection of success stories from the Commission businesses and organisations in Leeds on our Success Stories page.Do you have a case study or example business case you think should be featured here? Get in touch with the Leeds Climate Commission by emailing us at

Image: Electric car (Pixabay)