Anglican Diocese of Leeds

Churches Switch to Renewable Electricity

Over 100 churches in the Leeds area have joined the “Green Journey”, a supply switching and energy efficiency service provided by a consultancy in partnership with the Anglican Diocese of Leeds. On average each church that has switched supplier, to renewably generated electricity or carbon neutral gas, has cut their annual carbon emissions by 1.6 tonnes.

The pioneering project stated in the Leeds area in 2015 and has now been adopted across the Diocese (which includes Bradford, Huddersfield, Wakefield and most of the Yorkshire Dales). The Green Journey also offers churches a complementary energy survey for the church buildings, a VAT checking service and smart metering. The energy reports are particularly helpful as a starting point for planning longer term energy efficiency measures. This can be very challenging given the historic nature of most of the buildings.

Energy bills are a significant part of most churches’ annual expenditure and the savings generated for some parishes have been important in attracting them to join the scheme. Total annual savings sum £92,000 for the 134 churches in the scheme.

Church House, the Diocesan office in Leeds, and all vacant vicarages have been switched to renewable electricity and the Green Journey provides a domestic price comparison site for clergy, congregations or anyone who wishes to move on to a renewable supply.

The Green Journey has enabled churches to better fulfil the role that God has given us all – to care for His creation. Following the success of the Green Journey the scheme is now being adopted by a number of other Dioceses across England. 

Vsit the Green Journey website