Recruitment process starts for Leeds Citizens’ Jury on Climate Change

12th August, 2019 - 00:00


Recruiting has started for the first Leeds Citizens’ Jury on Climate Change.

The process is being organised by Leeds Climate Commission working with Shared Future, a non-profit company that specialises in community empowerment and citizens' inquiries. It will recruit 25 local people to answer the question,  ‘What should Leeds do about the emergency of climate change?’

In March, Leeds City Council declared a climate emergency. The Leeds Climate Change Citizens’ Jury is one of several ways that Leeds residents can share their views on how people and organisations of Leeds could take action.

Leeds Climate Commission is also working with the Sortition Foundation (an independent, not-for-profit organisation that promotes the use of stratified, random selection in decision-making) to design the recruitment process.

Recruitment letters have been sent to 4000 households across explaining the Citizens’ Jury and inviting those who are interested to either complete a very simple online form or use a freephone number to register their interest.

Jurors will receive £250-worth of High Street vouchers in recognition of their commitment.

An oversight panel has been set up to ensure the process is unbiased and fair. People from the following organisations attend meetings of the panel: Extinction Rebellion, Friends of the Earth, Leeds Chamber of Commerce, Leeds City Council, The Madina Town Movement, Our Future Leeds, Project Rome, Rachel Reeves MP, Racial Justice Network, University of Leeds, Yorkshire Water, Youth Strike for Climate.

The oversight panel will also select commentators (expert witnesses) who will present information to the jury and be cross-examined by them.

Recommendations of the jury will become the central part of a report that will also include a detailed explanation of the process followed. The recommendations will guide the future work of the Leeds Climate Commission and will be presented to the Climate Emergency Advisory Committee of Leeds City Council. The report will also be presented to a range of organisations across the city.

The Citizens’ Jury will take place over eight evenings starting on September 12th as well as an all-day session in early November.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Image: Shared Future