Congratulations are due to Opera North’s Jamie Saye, who has become the first certified Carbon Literacy trainer in Leeds.

Jamie, Senior Technician for the Howard Assembly Room, received his certificate from the Carbon Literacy Project, with whom he developed his training course. He began rolling out the training in July to Opera North’s 250 members of staff, including its administrative team and touring personnel.

After just three months, he has already succeeded in training 25% of Opera North’s staff, with plans in motion to train the remaining staff by April 2021.

The response to Carbon Literacy training across the organisation has been overwhelmingly positive, with enthusiastic comments from staff.

“It was eye-opening, informative, heart-breaking but also uplifting and empowering knowing we are able to, and will, change the future today. It was well presented and has already made an impact on the things I do.”

“I really enjoyed the Carbon Literacy training sessions and am so glad that this is being implemented in our company – this training seems essential for every workplace!”

“I fully enjoyed my Carbon Literacy training. I’ve learnt so much about our world and the behavioural changes we need to save it. There is so much we need to be doing in our everyday lives what I never knew about, Carbon Literacy gives people that platform to show us what we need to do. Amazing!”

The Company says it is proud to be the first opera company and first touring theatre company to roll out carbon literacy training organisation-wide and believes it will make a significant difference in meeting its sustainability goals.

Looking to the future

Opera North is currently embarking on an £18 million refurbishment of its premises Music Works (see banner image) which has sustainability at its heart. On project completion, all the estate will be lit with LED lighting twinned with PIR sensors, and the Opera North administrative office will be powered by its own on-site solar PV installation.

For more about sustainability measures Opera North has already taken, see this story.